How to report a theft on the Cash App

Technology holds the badge of being both boon and curse. It is a boon because it has made life simpler by introducing revolutionary changes at the global level. Smartphones, fast internet, and advanced digital services are the best examples that confirm that technology is a boon. On the other hand, apart from the bright side of the technology, there are many dark sides as well. Scam, fraud, theft, hacking, and other digital threats have spoiled the revolutionary image of technology. When it comes to online banking and payment through a mobile app, the gravity, and seriousness of keeping the account increase multi-folds. And when we talk about the best mobile-based payment application, Cash App tops the list.

With the help of some cutting-edge features, Cash App has been tremendously successful to reduce the possibility of falling victim to any misadventure like the theft of money or personal information to a significant level.

But, in spite of all best efforts, intermittently a few cases of theft on the Cash App kept coming into the light.

What we recommend to you is to be cautious and aware all the time. As being a smart user, you also can play an important role from your side by keeping in mind some common and widely known internet practices like enabling PIN, passcode, touch id, face id, and unique password.

Unfortunately, if you have been duped by someone on Cash App, you can easily report a theft on the Cash App. You will be glad to know that the Cash App customer service observes the most strict policy against all kinds of digital threats.

If you don’t want to be part of any kind of issue, you must be aware of the process about how to report a theft on the Cash App. Reading on further the answer to the following question will result in knowing the process of reporting to the customer care of the Cash App.

  • Report a theft on the Cash App?
  • Get money back from Cash App?
  • Contact Cash App customer service?

How to report a theft on the Cash App

If you found any suspected transaction on your Cash App account, you can take assistance from experts by calling to the given number on this website. Otherwise, with the help of the following steps you can immediately report a theft:

  1. Launch the Cash App on your mobile phone.
  2. Select the transaction that you think is unauthorized.
  3. Now press on support.
  4. Choose the reason.
  5. Select contact support.

Note: To stay safe online on the Cash App we recommend you not to share your touch id, passwords, and PIN code. Another thing to bear in mind is an executive from the Cash App customer support never ask to reveal the password under any circumstances.

How to get money back from Cash App

Getting money back from Cash App is not that easy. A refund in case of theft or fraud is totally subject to the proper investigation. However, with the help of the following steps, you can request a refund after reporting a theft on the Cash App.

  1. Open the Cash App.
  2. From the home screen, select the activity tab.
  3. Choose the payment for that you are expecting a refund.
  4. Now hit on the refund option.
  5. To complete the procedure press okay.

How to contact Cash App customer service

Cash App customer service is more than happy to hear from its users. But, amazingly, there is no direct contact number available to reach the Cash App customer service except filling the online form through mobile. Consider the following step to fill the contact form through mobile:

  1. Launch the Cash App application on your smartphone.
  2. Hit the profile tab.
  3. Choose support or customer support.
  4. From the drop-down menu choose the reason for contacting the Cash App customer service.
  5. Tab contact customer support.

After receiving your request, most probably you will get an email in response from the Cash App customer service within 48 hours. But, for instant help, you can call our number as well and take the free consultation from our professionals.