How to cancel a Payment Request on Cash App

Peer to peer money transfer application Cash App tops the list in the USA and there are many reasons for that. Reportedly more than 10 million people use Cash App to send and receive money. Cash App is available for personal and business use as well. It works in both operating systems: IOS and Android. Cash App is popular for its unique feature. In fact, due to its unique features, Cash App emerged as one of the most useful payment applications. Apart from simply sending and receiving the money to and from contacts, Cash App lets its users buy and sell Bitcoins. Not only this, one can buy and sell stocks as well in just a few simple taps. That’s not all, there is one more unique feature and that is making a payment request on Cash App. It means anyone from your contacts can request you to send money. Of course, sometimes you would like to help your friends and family members by accepting their payment request on Cash App and sometimes not.

On the other hand, the reality is that several times receiving random payment requests from other Cash App users may cause you to feel irritated. If this is the case, here is the good news. And the good news is that you can cancel a payment request on Cash App. In this article, I will let you know the simple steps to decline money requests as well as a way to turn off the payment request on Cash App settings.

Steps to Cancel a Payment Request on Cash App

Helping friends and relatives is not less than a holy act. Therefore, Cash App has added money requesting a feature in its app to enable its users to ask for help when the need arises. But, sometimes, unfortunately, this feature becomes the reason for trouble for many users. If payment requesting feature causing you trouble, don’t grow anxious because you can cancel a payment request on Cash App doing this:

  • The first step is to open up the Cash App on your phone.
  • Here comes a home screen of the Cash App.
  • Select the round-shaped icon from the right corner of the screen.
  • Right here you can see the entire transaction history and payment request as well.
  • Select the payment request tab to find the total number of request you have received it.
  • Tap on the request that you want to decline and tap the menu tab (three dots).
  • Scroll down to find the details of the person who made a request to you.
  • Select the cancel option to decline the payment request.

Note: Feel free to connect with our Cash App customer service department, if you face any issue in the process.

Steps to Turn Off Payment Requests on Cash App Settings?

As being a customer-oriented organization, Cash App has left no stone unturned to protect the comfort of its users. As a part of efforts to achieve its aim to give hassle-free services to the users, Cash App lets the users turn off payment requests on Cash App settings. The following are simple steps to turn off the payment request for always.

  • Opening the Cash App on the mobile phone is the first step.
  • Tap the profile icon from the left and top corner of the home screen.
  • Move down the screen to find the privacy and security tab.
  • Here comes an option to enable and disable the payment request permanently.
  • Tap on to turn on and off the request.

Cash App Customer Service

To maintain a high level of quality services, the Cash App customer service department works round the clock. Cash App believes in offering best in class troubleshooting and tech support to its users. In just one minute call any user can get a free and effective solution to the wide-ranging issues like pending refund on Cash App, a transaction failure, and more. So, don’t hesitate to call our USA based Cash App customer support.