How to invite a friend to Cash App

In this blog we gonna show you How to invite a friend to Cash App: If you are a user of a smartphone, you must be aware of the latest trend in fashion which is referring to a friend or inviting a friend to any particular mobile application that you have used and found good enough to share with your family members, friends, and other associates. Probably, you have shared many mobiles based applications to a large number of your contacts like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

But, you would not have earned anything in return after sharing those applications. What you may not is that sharing a prestigious app may result in earning a handsome reward. Among so many famous applications whom sharing can benefit you, is Cash App. Yes, you read it right, inviting a friend to Cash App may really leave a big smile on your face. According to the latest update from the Cash App customer service, a user who shares or invites a friend to Cash App will get a $5 upon the successful sign-up of the referred friend or any family member.

If you are a new user of Cash App, the chances are high that you perhaps don’t know the process of how to invite a friend to Cash App. If it is true, don’t grow anxious anymore. Scroll down and read the simple ways of inviting a friend to Cash App and earn your first reward. For your easy understanding, we will discuss the following explain the answer to the following question:

  • Invite a friend to Cash App?
  • How many friends can you invite to on Cash App?
  • How to enter a referral code on Cash App?

Invite a friend to Cash App?

Who does not want to make easy money? of course, everyone wants, right? Surprisingly, the way to make easy money is in your hands. To start earning through Cash App, take a minute to understand the following step-wise instruction

  • Launch your favorite payment application: Cash App on your phone.
  • Here you find the home screen of the Cash App. Select the activity tab.
  • The activity tab will bring the option of getting a $5 icon into your view. Press on this icon.
  • Here on this page, you need to mention the name, phone number, and email Id (after typing all the details once recheck all the details and make sure all the given information is still in use).
  • Now tap invite.
  • For a fast invitation. Select SMS and confirm it by pressing send.

Note: You will get the reward or bonus only when your friend uses your code and link a valid debit card. Cash App may tale 14 days to transfer the reward. If you have invited your friend or any family member but did not receive the reward, you can call on the given number of Cash App customer service.

How many friends can you invite to on Cash App?

You will be delighted to realize that any user of the Cash App can invite as many friends as can. But, note that successful reward earning will take place only after the complete sign up with the legitimate attachment of the bank account and debit card. By any chance of matter, if a person doesn’t have any valid bank account, his/her sign up will not be considered eligible for the offer. For more information, you can have a direct consultation with the Cash App customer service.

How to enter a referral code on Cash App?

Entering a referral code is a very important aspect to get the referral bonus of $5 on the Cash App. Leaving no room for any mistakes. It is better to instruct your friend about how to enter a referral code on Cash App. Walkthrough the below-mentioned step by step method for more clarification.

  • After receiving the notification of invitation to Cash App, open the link and download the smart and best mobile-based payment application: Cash App.
  • Once you download and install the Cash App, complete your sign up with by pasting or entering the referral code of your friend. Referral code you can copy from the invitation SMS.
  • On the home screen, you find an option to enter the reward code. Tap it and paste the copied referral code in the field.


  • The reward amount subject to change anytime. For the latest update, we recommend you consult with Cash App customer service.
  • If code does not work or show you invalid status, report it to the technical department of the Cash App customer service by calling on the given contact number.