How to Send Money from Cash App to Zelle

Gone are the days of writing a check or standing in a long queue to send or receive money to and from a bank account. The matter of pride is that today our digital world has grown beautifully like never before. A lot of tasks like making online payments, paying bills, transferring money from one bank account to another could be done in just a few seconds. In recent years, a large number of smart money transfer applications have come into existence. Cash App, Zelle, Google Pay, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Venmo are some of the biggest brands in the US market. But, Cash App and Zelle are the two most reputable applications. A large number of people could see using these two applications. Hence, asking a question like how to send money from Cash App to Zelle is among the most frequent question.

As you are reading this post the chances are high that you also want to know whether you can send money from Cash App to Zelle or vice-versa. If this is the case with you, this post is for you. If you have more questions, I have got answers to your most basic questions like:

What are Zelle and Cash App?

Zelle is a modern way to send money to and from family members, friends, and other contacts. Zelle is actually a mobile application that comes for both Android and IOS devices. This compact and smart application lets users send and receive money to and from US Government certified banks. All you have to do is just download Zelle from Google Play Store or the App Store and create a brand new account by sharing your banking details.

On the other hand, Cash App is famous for peer to peer money transferring services. People who use Cash App every day say that Cash App is not fast and free only but it is secure as well. Cash App lets the user send and request money in just a few simple taps. Service to buy & sell Bitcoin and investing in stock are two unique advantages of the Cash App. In other words, you can simply say that Cash App and Zelle are two most prominent companies but they are rivals.

Can You Send money from Cash App to Zelle?

Hence, Cash App and Zelle are two different business units, you can’t send money from Cash App to Zelle. But, don’t be upset because there is one alternative option available. As a part of an alternative option, the best you can do is to send money from Cash App to bank account. And then you can add money from your bank account to Zelle. This indirect way of sending money may sound some hectic but believe me, this is the only available option for you.

How to Send Money from Cash App to Bank Account

If you have already attached your bank account, you can follow the below-mentioned method to transfer money from Cash App to your Bank account.

  • Open the Cash App.
  • Tap the balance screen available in the middle of the home screen of the Cash App.
  • Here comes a screen where you can see how much balance you have in your Cash App wallet.
  • Just below the available amount, a slider in form of the line will be available. Just move it right or left with your thumb to fix the amount that you want to send.
  • Now tap the cash out option to go ahead.
  • Here you get two modes of transfer money: instant and standard transfer. A standard transfer is free that takes 2-3 business days to transfer the money. On the other hand, an instant transfer is fast but its fee is 1.5%.
  • Now Cash App may ask you to enter the secret code or touch id to complete the transaction.
  • Once you confirm your identification, your transaction will be complete.

Note: If you have set up your Zelle account already, in just a few steps you can add money from your bank account to the Zelle wallet.

Cash App 24*7 Customer Services Available

If the above-mentioned steps did not benefit you or you found any kind of error, you can get assistance from experts. Our certified engineers have the potential to settle down any complex issues like Cash App transaction failure, Cash App Card issue, or pending refund.