How To Change Cash App Settings

Living a life of going Cashless was the dream that people had cultivated a long ago in the past. And the good news is that today the USA has come very close to achieving fulfill the dream of going cashless. Making the USA a successful cashless country in the world, a few numbers of online money transfer applications have played a very important role. Among so many successful money transfer company, Cash App holds the significant values and a badge of trustworthiness.

However, Cash App is not the oldest money transfer application but it has contributed a lot. Cash App wallet is famous for sending & receiving money and storing money. Instant and secure transfer of funds is the main feature of Cash App. As a result of the growing number of smartphones, news users are getting attracted to the Cash App. Downloading Cash App and signing up is quite a simple process. But, to get the maximum benefits of the Cash App you must apply the best Cash App settings at its best level.

Cash App settings let users have better control over their e-wallet accounts. With the help of Cash App settings, you can enable & disable features, change passwords, modify your profile, and can do a lot of things. If you are new users of Cash App, the chances are high that you don’t know the best way how to set Cash App account settings. If this is really the case with you, don’t worry. I am more than happy to let you know the ideal way to set the Cash App privacy and security settings.

Where is a Setting tab on Cash App?

You can download the award-winning and popular mobile application: Cash App. Once you download this e-wallet app, the next important step is to check and change the Cash App settings. Find below what to do to find the Cash App’s setting on your phone.

  • The first step is to find the Cash App on your phone.
  • Tap on the Cash App logo to launch it on your phone.
  • Here comes a home screen where you can find requests, pay, keypad, and balance option.
  • Select the top left side icon to find the settings on Cash App.
  • This is the window where you can configure the Cash App settings.
  • Scroll down to find the more setting options.
  • This setting page also offers a link to connect with Cash App customer service. However, in case of trouble, you can always call our certified Cash App customer service.

How to use Cash App settings?

Now as you have already found out where lies the setting tab on Cash App, it is time to understand the use of Cash App settings. For a hassle-free experience and safe banking, you must be familiar with all aspects and use of Cash App settings. Read further what you can do with the help setting tab on Cash App:

  • On the setting page of the Cash App, the first option is to enable and disable the security lock. This security lock comes as a great help to stop any unauthorized from happening on your Cash App account. You must always keep it enabled. Let the experts of Cash App helps you if you want more security.
  • The next option is to add the bank cards like a debit card and credit card. With the help of this option, you can link your valid cards to your e-wallet account and get the maximum benefits of the Cash App.
  • Here comes the next option to enable and disable the Cash App card. You can always turn off the function of your Cash App card whenever you want or you lose it. By the way, we recommend you do report it to the Cash App customer service to avoid any misuse of your Cash App card.
  • Another option is dedicated to letting the user enable the auto-add cash feature. Its aim is to autoload e-wallet with money by fetching the funds from the linked bank account.
  • Personal, notification, and privacy are three next options available on Cash App settings. You can change your personal details like address, email id, profile picture with the help of a personal tab. Similarly, use the notification tab to change whether you want to receive notification or not from the Cash App. And check out the privacy tab to control the access of the Cash App to your private information.

Get solutions from Cash App Customer Care

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